Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen has often been described as the centre of the home; it is the place where family meets and meals are prepared. For a residential kitchen, renovations should focus on beauty combined with functionality. Summit Contractors offers everything from major overhauls to minor upgrades.

Kitchen Renovation and Remodeling:

Planning and Designing

  • Custom Cabinets (increases your property value)
  • Backsplash Installations
  • Countertops (e.g. Quartz, Granite, Laminate, Tiles, Metal, Wood, etc)
  • Plumbing Service incl. kitchen sink and faucet upgrades
  • Electrical (Pot lights, task lighting, recessed spotlights under cabinets or above kitchen island, decorative lights etc)
  • Flooring (Ceramic Tiles, Slate, Granite, Wood, Laminate, Vinyl, Linoleum, etc)
  • Repair, Waterproofing
  • Heating and Cooling solutions.

What You Can Expect during Renovations:

1. We will come and inspect your kitchen layout, plumbing, window placement, countertops etc.

2. We then consult with you to determine your needs and wants. Is one of the cooks wheelchair-bound or uses a walking-aid? Do you love to entertain? Are you a cooking family that must own the latest kitchen gadgets? All these and more affect how storage and working space will be used and what kind of amenities your kitchen must have.

3. We will analyze your lifestyle and suggest designs which add to the functionality of your kitchen space, ranging from cabinets to countertops to flooring and paint, to backsplashes and appliances and more.

4. After consulting with you about preferences for materials and improvements, we come up with a budget and time-line that is agreeable to all.

5. We understand the importance of time, especially for kitchen renovations, and strive for an earlier than on-time completion without compromising on the quality of work.

Each and every kitchen renovation we have completed since 2005 is proof of our skilled workmanship, reliability, quality and on-time work we do.

Contact us for a free quote for your kitchen renovation. We offer payment plans.

Customer satisfaction and superior customer service are our primary objectives.

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